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Pensions & Retirement Planning

We understand that pensions and retirement planning can come across as complicated and that many people are unsure of what plans they have in place.

If you have put off investing in a pension because you simply haven’t had time to sit down and understand it, then we can help. Retirement planning can start as early as you want it to, in fact the earlier you start the better.

A state pension currently pays just over £9,000 a year which for many people is not enough to live off.  Recent research showed that a couple would need an income of £47,000 per annum to be comfortable in retirement*.  There is clearly a gap, but it is important to work out your specific needs and predict your income in retirement. Everyone is different and so getting independent financial advice on your individual circumstances is essential. We can help work out what your retirement income will need to be and then discuss a path to get you there.

Likewise, you may have pensions in place, but you don’t understand what income they will generate and they may even be held in multiple locations, especially if you have moved jobs. We can run a full review and find out where all your plans are held, work out your potential income and then assess this against your needs. If it is appropriate to do so we may suggest consolidating your pensions into one for a more manageable approach.

So, whether you haven’t got round to it, you are not sure where pensions are held or you need to adjust your pension options ready for retirement, we can help.

Please read this case study and contact us to book in your pensions and retirement planning review.

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